Guardian Tournament

Super proud of our team !

Here is a note from Big Roger.

So much in this picture. I love these kids. I hope you all understand this. I TRULY love these kids! They mean more to me then most will ever come to realize. They are what wakes me up in the morning, and what keeps me going when I don’t want to. I will never be able to do for them what they have done for me. Some say I’m involved in their lives too much… some say I need to just be a coach. Maybe they are right, but I will NEVER apologize for loving these kids the way I do. This is the mission, this is a carrying on of my mothers legacy. Those who know me know this, and know where my heart is. For those parents that have allowed me to be such a large part of their child’s life, I am forever grateful. Warrior Combat & Fitness Academy isn’t just a collection of people learning an art, we are a TEAM, a FAMILY!! Thank you all for staying loyal, and being a part of it!

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